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" We love to be 'on the hook' " Mark Frobb
Dan Travel Insurance

We provide:

» Pillows, pillowcases & towels
» Soft Weight Belts
» Al 80 CF Scuba Tanks

We have available:
» Nitrox is available
» Souvenir clothing - Touques, Sweat Shirts, Hoodies, Tshirts and much more
» Trimix is available with prior arrangement

   What you need to bring . . . .

» Sleeping Bag
» Toiletries
» Medications - Bring extra medication to have onboard dive skiff
» Warm waterproof clothing and foot wear for shore excursions
» Sunglasses and sunscreen
» Favorite CD’s and DVD's
» Adult Beverages, mixers, candy and chocolate bars
» Camera, Video Camera (both above and under water)
» Battery chargers and/or extra batteries
» Binoculars
» Personal Dive Gear
» Dive computer or bottom timer - Mandatory - Backup recommended
» Dry Suits Recommended

» Waterproof slip-on shoes for access to dry suit deck

» Dry Suit Underwear
» Weights for integrated BC’s
» Twin tanks, Deco, pony and argon bottles *Please note: special
     requirements for transporting scuba cylinders aboard BC Ferries and
     be sure to check in a minimum 45 work minutes prior to departure to
     fill out the appropriate work*paper
» Dive lights - Bring chargers or extra batteries
» Backup light - Mandatory for night and wreck dives
» Cyalume stick or night dive strobe - Mandatory for night dives
» Signal device - Whistle - Mandatory - dive alert, signaling mirror. safety

» Save-a-dive kit - Including, O rings for your regulators, zipper wax, de-
     fog, extra mask, mask and fin straps, aquaseal, silicone, latex dry suit

» Laptop computer for saving and viewing pictures
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